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Zampe al caldo offers the first modular fence system for animals that meets all requirements, from dog lovers to professional breeders.


The system is composed of a modular fence with aluminum anodized bars, that is hooked to the kennel (made of 30mm-thick insulated panels) and a roof on the entire or partial surface.


You can easily assemble it on any flat surface in minutes using common hand tools and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions; no fixing devices to the ground are required.



As you can see from the following images, the kennel can be easily customized by the customer during assembly:


1 – one or more entrance doors on any side

2 – the kennel can be divided into living and sleeping areas

3 –internal partition system (optional) gives more space to store dog food, bowls and more.


The high quality of the entire project can be seen in various parts:


- Rust-resistant galvanized steel construction and alumium bars for maximum life and durability

- All edges of insulated panels are protected against Dog bites.

- high quality Latches and door hinges

- High efficiency insulation panels (30 mm thickness)

- removable winter Panels (Optional) for best comfort during cold season.


The interior of the kennel is made according to highest safety standards, eliminating all sharp edges that could injure the animal.


All the wall are off the ground (70mm) hence cleaning and washing are facilitated; the side door permits a wide access.

Entire kennel

Entire kennel - Box per cani

As you can see from the images can be mounted to the kennel the whole, of the latter is also possible to fix a partition panel (optional) to be used as a shelf.

Structure of the doghouse

Structure of the doghouse - Box per cani

The structure of the kennel as the rest of the box is made of coated steel aluzinc worked with CNC machines, which ensures robustness, accuracy and ease of assembly.


Aluzinc is a carbon steel, cold rolled steel, coated with a continuous process at high temperature (hot-dip) with an alloy of aluminum

The tests of resistance to salt spray showed that the aluzinc has a benefit of 5 times higher than that of a galvanized product with sacrificial coating of equal thickness.

Day and Night

Day and Night - Box per cani

If you choose the kennel divided into two "living and sleeping area" the entrance to the dog and placed on the inside so that it is sheltered and warm, and you can choose to install one or more ports in order to facilitate the cleaning operations.

Day night front view

Day night front view - Box per cani
Box per cani

Box per cani